About us

Gaël Rebmann (author)

In the conviction that playing, having fun and pleasure are essential to learn and work properly, I thought I should make it happen in my job. So as a logical consequence of it, I couldn’t decide for a very long time between a career as a bailiff or as a humorist (the two first letters of the French words for these jobs are the same so… I usually mix all it up…), I almost became a Fun Sheriff but the job was already taken…
So, I became an Agile Coach and then I was allowed to draw funny pictures, create some games, play them (and others) and even get paid for it.
Even worse! All of this got me to create this blog! Too bad for you then…!

Alexandra Royer (translator)

Alexandra helps me with the translation on her free time. She is responsible for the things that are well written. All that weirdly formulated stuff on the blog? I (not so) proudly wrote it myself 😉
But, please, don’t tell her she does better than me. Otherwise, at one point, I’ll have to pay her!